Look, I get it. Writing can be a challenge for most of us, and creating website content even more so. Writing about ourselves and what we have to offer can be difficult for even the best writers. It’s amazing to me how many people can write a brilliant novel, but then throw their hands in the air when it’s time to write the bio for the jacket copy. It’s hard, people!

At its basic level, a website is really just a document—a piece of writing, whether short or lengthy—all about you, your business, and what you have to offer. In short, it’s one of the most difficult things most people ever have to create. It may be dressed up with loads of graphics and video; it may be broken up over fifty separate pages; but it’s still just a document.

About you.


I can help! I’m one of those people who loves writing. In fact, it’s something I spend a lot of my spare time doing. (I’m working on my first novel right now, and started my career as a children’s author & illustrator.)

Website Content Creation – The Process

If you’re willing to let me help with your website content creation, the process is quite simple: I’ll interview you once or several times, depending on the complexity of your project. The conversations will take place online, and will be recorded. Once I have a good feel for you and what you are trying to convey to your future site visitors, I’ll write a first draft of your website content. Naturally, you’ll have suggestions, and possibly a whole host of other ideas for what we might communicate on the site. I’ll write those up, and—after several rounds of draft/revision—we’ll be good to go with all your site content.

If you’re nearby and need logos, video and/or photography, I can get you set up with some fantastic professionals for that as well. But that’s another post…

Don’t get stalled out before you even start. Let me help!


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