“Skulls” pattern by Adam at subtlepatterns.com.

I am always on the lookout for great patterns and textures to use in web design. They help to break up the space, guide the eye, and create a sense of depth in a site. For some great examples, check out this article at webdesignersdepot.com: 25 Diverse Patterns in Site Design. A great use of texture is in this site for A Modern Eden, as highlighted in this article from Smashing Magazine:

screenshot of a modern eden website

The texture really guides the eye to page content.

Another favorite is this site for Sputnik Creative, where texture adds interest to an otherwise plain color field:

screenshot showing use of texture in web design

While it’s not difficult to make a seamless texture in Photoshop, it can take a bit of effort, and there are some great resources for finding and sharing textures and patterns. My top 3 favorites are:

Subtle Patterns

This site always surprises me with its tilingĀ patterns. I’d love to contribute someday, but always find what I’m looking for there instead of making it myself.


Excellent source of texture for just about any project.

Texture Palace

A great place to share and swap high resolution textures.

What are a few of your favorite resources? Let me know in your comments below!



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